January 9, 2013


Ugghhh I never use this thing......

November 26, 2012

all i want for chrismas is...

sooo i made a xmas list in case anyone needed ideas....
though this would make things easier since we live in the middle of nowhere. gotta go at least 30 minutes to the nearest walmart or target and they arent the best either, sometimes a waste of a trip.  so basicly all i want is cool accessories for the house or cool clothes for work. jon is really into this show called doomsday preppers so he likes survival gear, camping stuff, fancy knives. and of coarse movies. if you do get movies then message me first so i can check if we own then, lol....
extra cool clothes for work!!!! (cyber monday!)
evil cheerleader black dress size L
artoo and threepio leggings size L
threepio swimsuit size L
butterfly black top size OSFA
beetlejuice leggings size L
day of the dead leggings size L
police box leggings size L
i made a wish list! probably your best choice for gifts, has lots of stuff for the house and decorating that i like!!! jon likes stuff from here as well!
yeah weird name but awesome clothes
i made a wish list too!
there are tons of craft and illustration books i want from here!
there is a desk i want from here!
i have a wish list with sailor moon stuff and collectable tim dumm barbies!!! jon has an amazon wish list as well you can search.
this is my fave jewelry!!!! making a wish list would be pointless because i love everything!!!!
i like the stuff the have under the "apartment" catagory! :) jon likes this stuff too!
our xbox is dying and we are gonna need a new one eventually. preferably the collecatable starwars one :)
so these items or giftcards from these places would be awesome! money is great too! <3
pretty random post, i know, but oh well.
<3 Aim

November 5, 2012


so you would think that having internet would increase the amount of blog posts.......nope. not for me.
ive been really busy lately but ive also been not busy busy at all. time just seems to disapear from me and i can never remember where it went to. ive been in a bit of a depressed funk lately. i dont really know what to call it. i was tired all the time but then i would try to go to bed and wouldnt be able to sleep. insomnia i guessed. i got angry at the littles things. stuff that i normally wouldnt care about. i started working at a job that i did not like with people who were not pleasent. i sat on the couch staring at nothing, thinking of nothing. things that i enjoyed were no longer fun. i would still try and do them anyways just cause thats what i do. i go on pretending nothing is wrong with me until i explode. which i did. before the "boom" i would sit in the shower crying for no reason. i caught myself a few times pulling my hair out. i also was also never hungry. i started to think of it as a new diet but it me feel dizzy at times. i almost passed out at work twice. zombie aimee when on for about a month. i hated feeling this ways. i set myself mini goals like "i will not cry" or "i will not get angry" then one day while i was getting ready for work jon said i looked like i was sad. my goal for the day was not to cry before work. i couldnt hold it in anymore, i just started bawling.
jon said the pressure from the move, being away from family and friend, not really being able to make friends, all of that stuff just really hit me at once. and then to add a job that i hate on top of that? boom. there were other things too, like money, body image, base life etc... it all hit me. boom.
i ended up quitting my job. it was a way to take some of the stress off me although it put more stress on jon. im glad i did it though. i feel like i was treated poorly and was not getting the training i needed. managers would forget i was even there and associates would pass off their work to me. i also probably spent more than i made just to keep up with the strict dress code of clothes that i personally dont even like. so i quit. i knew there was a problem and needed time to fix myself. i did some research and surveys and it all pointed to depression. i have all the symptoms minus thoughts/attempts of suicide. that scared me but in a way it was not suprising. growing up people often asked me things like "whats wrong?" or "are you ok?" alot of times i would blow it off cause they were idiots and they dont know me. one or two times i wanted to give an honest reply but thought they really wouldnt care. anyways... so yeah im depressed but not officially. i dont know if i can say i am without actually going to a doctor. yeah i know i could easily go to one but i dont know.... i just dont like going to the doctor. i also dont like taking pills.
so instead jon talked to people at work and i got invited to some spouse meeting thing where they were gonna talk about upcoming parties and events. i went to it but it was not really helpful. it was older ladies with i think a minimum of two kids each. they were not really friendly either. i introduced my self to everyone when i got there and the only person to show even the slightest interest in me was the i guess leader of the group. it was really clique-ish and i had nothing in common with them. pretty sure im not gonna go again. we went to a halloween party for jons flight but it was mainly a promotion ceremony and a kids festival. he wasnt getting promoted and we dont have kids. there was free food though and i love free stuff! i did get to meet some of the ppl jon works with. they seem pretty cool. at the table we say at there was a young couple their baby who were pretty cool. they like video games and we met up with them later and hung out at their place. cool ppl. unfortunatly for us they are moving i think in january. :( we were also supose to see someones band but we got the dates wrong.... we are trying though!
cooking helps alot. there is something zen like about making cake balls or cukecakes. if i start to get frustrated or sad i go and cook something. i make foods that are so yummy you cant help but eat them! it could kill anybodys diet. i make heathy meals too though. i have perfected my fish recipe!
i am sorta doing better now. hurricane sandy brought some excitement to our life. honestlyi was one of those ppl that was blowing it off. back home i never took the weather seriously cause it would never be as big as expected. it wasnt until like a day or two before that i started to prepare. i figured if the airforce is evacuating planes and warning all the people to get supplied and that power could be out for weeks yadayada, maybe i should get ready. so we did our shopping and filled up on gas. when the storm started, our neighbor came over and stayed with us. hes a cool guy and works with jon. things started to get a bit serious outside so you know what that meant. grab the camara, we are going outside! i made a few videos and posted them to facebook where everyone yelled at me either to get inside or make more videos. :) then our other neighbors invited us over for a hurricane party! in the end we all survived. it was mainly just a bad storm. power did go out for the people who live on dix but not for us on mcguire. honestly i was a little dissapointed. i know i should thank the lord we are safe and with power but i was ready for the adventure. then i thought of all the stuff i bought and was annoyed that i had to return it all. ugghhh! after it was over jon and i plus our neighbor kress went driving around looking for damage which was pretty fun. i was shocked to see that walmart actually closed! the sucky part of the day was that the actual base was closed and we couldnt get to the game stop to get assassins creed 3. oh the horror! we couldnt find any gamestops that were opened. i couldnt help but think that if i were still in texas id be playing it already. sigh...
thankfully sandy didnt ruin my whole week! i went to a job interview at hot topic! it went really well. i sould be hearing back from them by wednesday. that perked me up alot. ive always wanted to work there and now i finally have a chance. i also have an upcoming interview at victorias secret. there goes all my money, lol. atleast it will go to things i like.
jons mommy also came to visit us while on her teaching trip thing! its so nice to actually see a familiar face in person and not on skype. we explored philly for the day. first we got philly cheese steaks then we went walking around the historical buildings. let me just tell you, these ppl are obsessed with ben franklin! then back in jersey we explored the crate & barrel. i had never been in before and now i am in love! got some new glasses and a giant spatula eggs/pancake flipper thingy! we also walked around the mall where hopefully i will be working. then we had a nice dinner. the next day we took her to the farmers market walked around there a bit and had some delicious pizza!
so things have been interesting i guess. i am still working on getting outta this funk and debating on a visit to a doctor. we have started researching churches so hopefully that will help us meet ppl and a place to belong to. jon already kinda has that with the airforce, now i need to find mine.
holidays are coming qiuck so now is not the time for moodyness. not sure what my turkey day plans are yet and christmas is close behind. ive started making a list of gift ideas. giving gifts always puts me in a good mood. warm clothes too since its getting cold out! i much prefer weather where i can wear, pants, boots, scarfs, and cute sweaters than weather that requires shorts and a tank top. the winter wonderland holiday season is my favorite season of the year! :)
now time for some good cheer!

October 9, 2012

so ive just became a very busy lady

so here is a funny story..... guess who i just got off the phone with. (no it wasnt hot topic :(....) american eagle called and wants me. yay! back when i interviewed with them, the lady made clear that they did not have the hours to give and that if you were looking for some extra income, this would be a great second job. at the time i had already accepted the polo job but was still exploring and looking for a job that was a little less costly. their hours range from like 8-35+ hours a week and that itself depends on how well you work. not to toot my own horn (TOOT-TOOT!) but i think im a pretty awesome person and a hard worker. you'd be crazy not to hire me....well either that or they cant affored me ;) well anyways over there, your work harder, you get more hours. so i took the job.

i explained to them my situation with polo. i just had my orientaion there and so im waiting for them to contact me so i can see when im schedule and adjust my availibility so i can work both jobs. AE seems to be very flexable. im hoping polo is as well. they seem to have more hours to give, like atleast a garenteed 20ish so we'll see how it goes. they pay more so im designation them as job #1. AE #2. depending on how i like more and who likes me more will hopefully result in one full time job after the holidays. hopefully i can also keep my new years new york trip un harmed.....

for now though, before i get carried away with predicting my jobs' future, i will just take things one step at a time. on the down side of all this, i dont know whats gonna happen to all my other projects i was planning. this weekend i was looking up different zumba moves, techniques, songs, and how to get certified. my work out routine will have to change again. the photograph bit was a little bit of a bust just because im short on cash. i loooked at a few magazines and got a few ideas but nothing past that. ive done some drawing but not as much as i should be. i dont have a place to do my sewing projects yet but my new income will help that. im sure there were other projects but thats whats on my mind now....lol. i wont be at both jobs forever so its now like things will never get done, i just have to get organized. again, gotta take things one step at a time. polo just needs to hurry up and call me so i can taker that next step!!!! they said wednesday or thursday so ill just need to be patient..............

jon is doing his first weekend shift this weekend, which means i am going to have to face the farmers market alone......ugghhh!!!!! last time we were there i vowed that i would never be the one driving! there are too many stupid ppl there.... im surprised nobody has said hello to my tires and goodbye to the world yet! on the plus side i get to visit the awesome-junky-garagesale-toystore! they have tones of cool star wars stuff!!!! this might be another store jon bans me from, lol. im already not allow to look at pet stores un supervised cause i tend to come home with stuff...or an animal... but i have good reason to go this time cause our theme for the half bath is star wars and it needs more stuff! i think as long as i dont come home with a $4000 life size yoda, im good. :)

well AGAIN, thats all for now! haha
<3 Aim

just because im bored :)

sooo not really much to say.....just thought i would do something semi productive on the internet.

ive been mainly rotting my brain out on facebook and pinterest. oh and since i watched the gossip girl final season premire last night and realized have no idea what is going on, (wtf, im sooo behind) i have to rot my brain out on netflix too. not like im complaining; i enjoy doing those things but it doesnt get stuff done around the house and i know jon is tired of me showing him random things that he knows nothing about, lol....so yeah to give jon a break ill just blog about it here :)

i have to say though, not all of it was brain rotting. ive been cooking alot lately and so i decided to look up yummy recipes on pinterest. ive been trying to put my own cook book together with recipes ive gotten from fitness magazines but i need more! unfortunately most of everthing i thought looked good required a slowcooker-crockpot-thingy which i dont have and have no intention of getting at the moment. &&&& then there were ALL.THE.DESSERTS!!!! my mouth waters just thinking of them. sooo yummy i bet you gain weight just looking at them..........sigh..........i still pinned them all. ;)

i just recently got a job at the polo ralph lauren outlet store here! well..... i say here but its like 30 minutes away like everything else.... :/ anyways yeah, i got the job! its a temproary position right now cause of the holidays but (once they see how much of a bad ass i am) hopefully it will become something more permenent. it also depends on if i like it....we are required to represent the essence of RL by wearing the clothes. ive never really had an interest in the polished-preppy-equestrian-horserider-rugbyplaying-ivyleague-colorbrownwearing(i could go on...) look. i tend to lean more to the edgy-destroyed-grunge-glitter-colerfulhair-brightcolors-lotsofblack kinda stuff. after doing some research though i think ive found a few loop holes to merge the two styles together. im so ready to go shopping and build my new work wardrobe......................there goes all my money.........................now what the hell do i do with all the dresses ive collected from dillards.................

nothing else really to report....i have a job and i think i like to cook. i really miss having my girl time with friends.....lets just face it. jon is a horrible girlfriend! he hates shopping so i cant play stylist with him, he doesnt wear makeup, and he doesnt understand monthly pains, lmao. i still love him though. <3

i have the sudden urge to dye my hair purple......darn these job dress codes, lol, why couldnt hot topic just hire me!?

well till next time iguess since ive run out of things to say... im off to look at pics on lookbook.nu!
<3 Aim

September 26, 2012

you aint been missing much

sorrrrrry!!!!!!!!!!! i know, im a horrible blogger! why do i even try?

well, at the moment i try because i still have HORRIBLE reception at our house so its hard to communicate with anyone! still haven't gotten internet yet so i bum off where ever i can on base. at the moment im in the library. i went to this spouse orientation thing like 2 weeks ago and the guy was insisting that everyone should go visit the library. supposedly its pretty low in popularity and they may cut the program.... idk if he was talking about a different base library or just making it up cause every time i come here i usually grab the last parking spot. maybe if they had more parking more ppl would come.

so yeah, base life is good. met the neighbors who are pretty cool. got a nerdy cool vibe about them i like. we went to this german restaurant.....it was interesting, lol. it was very...... eccentric? not sure if thats the word i want but oh well.... there were porcelain dolls everywhere, just staring you down as you try to figure out what is what on the menu. and the waitresses were all dresses up like german ppl! or maybe they were swedish ppl? maybe it was a swedish restaurant? meh tomato tomato they're still foreign. we had to ask the waitress what every single thing on the menu was. pretty sure she was tire of us after 30 minutes of "what is this again?". idk.... my food was pretty simple so i would have noticed it there was spit.

speaking of food, i've been attempting to be a little house wife that cooks.................. no nothing has caught fire yet. :P before leaving the apt on eagle, gma would come over and help me clean and pack. eventually those cleaning days turned into cooking lessons. i can make sweet and sour ANYTHING now! so now i've been sorting though recipes i found in magazines and fixing them up. haven't done anything too crazy yet. i made a cake! lol, alot of the stuff i want to make i don't have the tools or ingredients yet so ill have to wait till we have more money.

i am currently on the hunt for a job. we still have not been reimbursed for the move so we are poor. we didn't know it would take this long so we got most of our furniture. oh and we found out we need a new dryer, tire, another car etc... yeah we can afford these things over time but i would rather have them now! each weekend ive been hitting up different malls and filling apps. ive done a few interviews and have a few lined up. im also going to a job fair at cherry hill so we'll see what happens. i really need to work on a resume... maybe after this blog :) i was reading some article about military spouse jobs, how it makes things harder, and what the best jobs were. their top choices were medical, childcare, photography, and fitness. lol now we can just forget about the medical and i dont know enough ppl with kids for child care. im looking for something in retail but since all im finding is part time i could maybe do some free photo shoots for people to create a portfolio or something. i really like the fitness idea! im really missing my zumba and hooping classes back in denton! but i would want to get in better shape first. there is zumba on base but its only 3 times a week. :/ but hey, its a possible opportunity if i can get my ass in shape!

jon is doing good. mainly all he gets to do right now is fill out paperwork and get things signed off. its a long boring process. im actually probably supose to be on my way to pick him and mathews up right now, lol. mathews is his friend from tech school. short loud guy whos addicted to tattoos, hes pretty cool. jon once described the two of them as shrek and donkey......i totally see it.

we got our babies!!!!!! tinker, axle , and cupid are finally home! i really missed them! its funny cause every time i saw a cat, i wanted to play with it. they never wanted to play with me though....which is good cause if i had gotten a hold of it then we would of had to take it home, lol. anyways, the pets are adjusting to their new home well. axle of coarse is being a slight trouble maker as he usually is in a new place so he gets put in the bathroom alot when we are not home. he is not use to the backyard yet so he whines every time i put him out alone but the neighbors have dogs so he'll eventually get over it.

um well thats all the updates i have for ya. again its not much really. i will try to keep updating when things happen. as of now the plan is to get internet on the first so hopefully regular posts are to come!

<3 Aim

September 2, 2012


So we are in the process of getting settled into our house, unpacking, getting new furniture....so I haven't had time to get pictures up. Even if I did have time though, we don't have internet yet. I can barely even use my phone at home. We get horrible service there...  So it will be a while till y'all get to see anything :( we are planning on getting a house phone and internet soon so we can communicate with the outside world. Right now we are on our way to a farmers market. :) hopefully we find some goodies!!!

August 29, 2012

being locked out cant bring me down!

sooooo guess what!


lol but really,  we got a house! this morning we had an apointment with the housing people to look at a house. we got all prepped up but at the same time remained calm. we didnt want to get our hopes up and it end up being ugly or in an area we didnt want - some of the houses are realllllllllly far away and i have my eye on some houses really close to the gym..... anyways, we get there and the lady tells us to follow her to the house. we start going and i quickly realize she is going in the opposite direction of the houses i want!
NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had really hoped i could ride my (future) bike to the gym! she takes us into the neighorhood across from the base. (the ones i wanted were actually inside) all i can think is oh great... now i have to dig out my id every time i want in base...........jdfhgajdfbdsjcb
a turn here, a turn there, the houses in the neighborhood are a bit more varied; one story, two story, connected, singled. not house clones like the ones actually in the base. (the ones outside are still considered base housing though...weird) the houses look a little older too. i notice kid toys and playground stuff in a lot of the yards.....goodie, bring on the peer pressure, lol. then the lady parks. parellel parks! the parking sucks!!!!!!! she shows me to a more reasonable parking spot and then we are here. the building is like six houses stuck together (like townhouses) 4 two-story and a 1 story on each end. mMMMMm <--- like that. we go inside one of the middle ones.
HOLY COW!!!!!!!! the house is huge! the lady is blabing on about something while im trying to pick my jaw up off the floor..... giant living room attatched to i guess a dining area??? (perfect spot for a foosball table) twards the back is the kitchen and kitchen area. there is a mini back yard (perfect place to practice hooping or to stash a lil rat dog) and a shed for storage. passed the gate is easy to park covered parking for residence. back inside i catch lil things i missed at first, a mini bar area, all the cabinets, a half bath and coat closet under the stairs. go upstairs and the first thing you hit is the master bedroom. it has its own bathroom and is a decent size with 2 closets. down side is they are small. where the hell am i going to put all my clothes?! right across from the master is bedroom number 2. my office/dressing room/closet!!!!!!!! eeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!!! dreams really do come true! <3 go down the hall some more and you get the washer and dryer hookups! yeah we have to provide our own but still its worth it, getting to do laundry whenever the hell i want! no more searching for quarters! and last you come to the upstairs bathroom. yup you heard me! count it- 1, 2, 1/2! 2 1/2 bathrooms! and thats it. thats our beautiful home! we signed the papers! the distance isnt too bad, i can still ride my bike to the gym. there is a gym in the neighborhood but i like the big one on base. we are looking foward to a fun weekend of moving. its not like we were told we were gonna be in temp housing for longer than a month right, peice of cake!....oh wait...... :/ so we did get a little settled, haha but its whatever, WE GOT A HOUSE!

oh i almost forgot! :) at the very very very end of the hall there is this random room. its so weird, its like we have a 3 bedroom house or something..... what ever will i do with that room? XD

hrrmmmm......... :P

oh and in other news i locked the keys in the car again.......... was stuck at a gas station for 3 hours....

WE GOT A BIG HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

pictures still to come......

August 27, 2012

procrastination and the trip! :3

super girl

hello! hello! :3 sooooooooo.................... im supose to be making a post for yall to see what ive been up to and how we are adjusting to our new life in new jersey...but...my brain isnt really with it today. im having an add moment i guess.been a little crafty though, now that have access to jons new computer (^.^) i can do all the thing ive been missing out on! got a lil craft on polyvore^^^^^^, found some cool blogs, some new inspiration, and theres still so much i wanna do! i can now catch up on my fav tv shows online!!!!!! yay!!!!!!! jons old laptop is on its death bed and it cannot function the way it use to back in the day...so yeah its catch up time! maybe ill even post more on here. (yeah yeah, i always say that) so its raining. its so gloomy outside, you cant blame me for having fun looking at clothes instead of writing the blog post i originally planned to write. i also need to find my card adapter so i can get the pics off my phone. its packed up somewhere. i have a cord but its in the car and its wet outside.........so im not getting it. i wish jon was here to help me remember everything from the trip and that i wanted to say. today is his first day of work so thats where he is now. i myself had originally planned to explore the base on my own but like i said, its wet outside. i dont like wet. if i could describe the trip in one word it would be this: TREES. treestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestrees
i never thought i could be sick of trees.... first for everything i guess. the trip actually went by pretty quickly to me. jon would say differently but thats cause he did most of the driving. :P i spent the time reading aloud to him while he drove. we got throught the first hunger games and then half way through the second. whats amazing is that i didnt get sick once! if you dont know, i get car sick very easily. usually its cause i look out the window too much, or if im reading, or if the car smells(i hate the scent of new cars and leather seat). lenth of the ride doesnt matter; it can be during a 5 hour drive or a 5 minute drive. when i was little my mom used to drug me up with some pills that knocked me out till we reached out destination. haha and the pills we so nasty that sometimes i would get sick just trying to take them since i cant swallow pills. well anyways, so jon decided he was gonna train me to not get car sick so he had me read the hunger games to him. so yeah the trip was trees and hunger games.
ummmmmm..... lets see........
so we are here. got here thursday night. friday we got our temporary housing. downside is that we will most likely be here a month before we get our house. they are nice though so i dont really mind the wait. this weekend we visited the bx (base exchange), hung out in philly with a friend, and got settled in. tomorrow we plan on hitting the gym. suppose to be really awesome but we'll see about that. i need to find me a place to do zumba! i did manage to find a starbuck on base. :)
um well i guess thats it, ill see about picture tomorrow. jon gets to take some leave thing to get settled in when seem silly since we are getting on base housing but what ever. we thought it was wierd but aparently it ligit so we aint gonna say no to it. we'll just use this time to get more familiar to the area outside the base. :3
so yeah tomorrow: pictures and maybe some more fashion, tee hee
nite nite!

July 25, 2012

Moving and the love/hate relationship

August 21 is our official moving date we've set. We have less than a month to go. In a way though we are moving twice! The apt lease is done on August 3 so we are moving everything into storage and then living at the speer's till Jersey time.

I'm suppose to be packing up at the moment but I am burned out right now... Packing is always fun in the beginning, at least for me. I'm usually horrible at packing so I usually end up throwing random stuff into boxes, then I will label the box as random stuff. Then once on location, after the important stuff is unpacked, the random boxes get put into a closet "to be done later" which is code for "forgotten". So then when its time to start packing again, I start going through the random boxes. The feeling I get......its like Christmas morning discovering all this stuff that you haven't seen in a few years!
This time around I put a bit more thought into things and put the stuff from the random boxes where they belonged and really clean house. I think I got rid of about 20 boxes of stuff, either to family, friends, or donations. It felt good and unpacking will be so much easier. Unfortunately next time we move I won't haveany mystery boxes to go through :( I may have destroyed the thing I love about packing....

My cat Tinker is refusing to let me blog in bed right now.... He keeps nudging me with his head "love me, pay attention to me." Such a spoiled little brat....

I've never been to new Jersey before or even anywhere close. It will be a new adventure for both of us. get to meet new people, make more friends, explore the area. I'm really excited about that! New York here i come! We are already planning to see the Macys Thanksgiving day parade live!
Down side is everyone else well be here in TX, or where ever you are located AZ, ok, etc....whatever y'all won't be up north. :( which means I expect lots of visits from all of you! I don't wanna hear y'all complaining that its too expensive because out of the kindness of my heart I'm gonna let y'all stay for free. That's one less thing y'all have to pay for. Your welcome. You may have to sleep on a blow up mattress though.... They won't give in and let me have 3 pets on base so I have to find a place that does. I refuse to give up any of my pets, they are our practice kids and you wouldn't give up one of your kids if there was a kid limit would you?

Even if they are little spoiled brats....

Better get back to packing now.....