August 27, 2012

procrastination and the trip! :3

super girl

hello! hello! :3 sooooooooo.................... im supose to be making a post for yall to see what ive been up to and how we are adjusting to our new life in new brain isnt really with it today. im having an add moment i guess.been a little crafty though, now that have access to jons new computer (^.^) i can do all the thing ive been missing out on! got a lil craft on polyvore^^^^^^, found some cool blogs, some new inspiration, and theres still so much i wanna do! i can now catch up on my fav tv shows online!!!!!! yay!!!!!!! jons old laptop is on its death bed and it cannot function the way it use to back in the yeah its catch up time! maybe ill even post more on here. (yeah yeah, i always say that) so its raining. its so gloomy outside, you cant blame me for having fun looking at clothes instead of writing the blog post i originally planned to write. i also need to find my card adapter so i can get the pics off my phone. its packed up somewhere. i have a cord but its in the car and its wet im not getting it. i wish jon was here to help me remember everything from the trip and that i wanted to say. today is his first day of work so thats where he is now. i myself had originally planned to explore the base on my own but like i said, its wet outside. i dont like wet. if i could describe the trip in one word it would be this: TREES. treestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestreestrees
i never thought i could be sick of trees.... first for everything i guess. the trip actually went by pretty quickly to me. jon would say differently but thats cause he did most of the driving. :P i spent the time reading aloud to him while he drove. we got throught the first hunger games and then half way through the second. whats amazing is that i didnt get sick once! if you dont know, i get car sick very easily. usually its cause i look out the window too much, or if im reading, or if the car smells(i hate the scent of new cars and leather seat). lenth of the ride doesnt matter; it can be during a 5 hour drive or a 5 minute drive. when i was little my mom used to drug me up with some pills that knocked me out till we reached out destination. haha and the pills we so nasty that sometimes i would get sick just trying to take them since i cant swallow pills. well anyways, so jon decided he was gonna train me to not get car sick so he had me read the hunger games to him. so yeah the trip was trees and hunger games.
ummmmmm..... lets see........
so we are here. got here thursday night. friday we got our temporary housing. downside is that we will most likely be here a month before we get our house. they are nice though so i dont really mind the wait. this weekend we visited the bx (base exchange), hung out in philly with a friend, and got settled in. tomorrow we plan on hitting the gym. suppose to be really awesome but we'll see about that. i need to find me a place to do zumba! i did manage to find a starbuck on base. :)
um well i guess thats it, ill see about picture tomorrow. jon gets to take some leave thing to get settled in when seem silly since we are getting on base housing but what ever. we thought it was wierd but aparently it ligit so we aint gonna say no to it. we'll just use this time to get more familiar to the area outside the base. :3
so yeah tomorrow: pictures and maybe some more fashion, tee hee
nite nite!

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