October 9, 2012

just because im bored :)

sooo not really much to say.....just thought i would do something semi productive on the internet.

ive been mainly rotting my brain out on facebook and pinterest. oh and since i watched the gossip girl final season premire last night and realized have no idea what is going on, (wtf, im sooo behind) i have to rot my brain out on netflix too. not like im complaining; i enjoy doing those things but it doesnt get stuff done around the house and i know jon is tired of me showing him random things that he knows nothing about, lol....so yeah to give jon a break ill just blog about it here :)

i have to say though, not all of it was brain rotting. ive been cooking alot lately and so i decided to look up yummy recipes on pinterest. ive been trying to put my own cook book together with recipes ive gotten from fitness magazines but i need more! unfortunately most of everthing i thought looked good required a slowcooker-crockpot-thingy which i dont have and have no intention of getting at the moment. &&&& then there were ALL.THE.DESSERTS!!!! my mouth waters just thinking of them. sooo yummy i bet you gain weight just looking at them..........sigh..........i still pinned them all. ;)

i just recently got a job at the polo ralph lauren outlet store here! well..... i say here but its like 30 minutes away like everything else.... :/ anyways yeah, i got the job! its a temproary position right now cause of the holidays but (once they see how much of a bad ass i am) hopefully it will become something more permenent. it also depends on if i like it....we are required to represent the essence of RL by wearing the clothes. ive never really had an interest in the polished-preppy-equestrian-horserider-rugbyplaying-ivyleague-colorbrownwearing(i could go on...) look. i tend to lean more to the edgy-destroyed-grunge-glitter-colerfulhair-brightcolors-lotsofblack kinda stuff. after doing some research though i think ive found a few loop holes to merge the two styles together. im so ready to go shopping and build my new work wardrobe......................there goes all my money.........................now what the hell do i do with all the dresses ive collected from dillards.................

nothing else really to report....i have a job and i think i like to cook. i really miss having my girl time with friends.....lets just face it. jon is a horrible girlfriend! he hates shopping so i cant play stylist with him, he doesnt wear makeup, and he doesnt understand monthly pains, lmao. i still love him though. <3

i have the sudden urge to dye my hair purple......darn these job dress codes, lol, why couldnt hot topic just hire me!?

well till next time iguess since ive run out of things to say... im off to look at pics on lookbook.nu!
<3 Aim

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