November 22, 2011

wowzers! super long time, no update!

how dare i even think to call me a blogger..... its been since may!
well i guess its not my fault though.... with no internet and all....
(why do i make excuses? ive had plenty of access. IM JUST LAZY!)
now where to start..... *tabs over to previous post*

body issues

so, where we last left off in may i had a pretty dramatic and life changing experience with a piece of cake!
(sounds a little goofy when i put it that way.... lol.)
good news is ive sorta kinda made a little progress in bettering my self image. :) YaY!
i guess if there has to be bad news (which is not necessary but ill add it anyways to balance things out)
it is the fact that the progress is only "sorta kinda".
i used the spark people website for about a month, (i thought THAT was a big acheivement)
got bored with it, the end.
packing my food up worked extremely well! i went from.........
drum roll please.........
186 to 169 pounds!
problem with pre-made meals is that they are so easy to leave on counters where curious kitties can munch on.

SPEAKING OF CURIOUS KITTIES..... cupid is so huge!!!!! if i ever get a chance i will do posts on cupid, tinker, and axle. they are like my children! :)

back to what i was saying, as super healthy as my snacks were, they we also super boring!!!! i was so bored with them that when i discovered that cupid got into ALL MY PRE-PACKED MEALS AND NIBBLED ON EVERYTHING, i didnt even care, lol, im pretty sure i ordered a pizza after that.
so that was the end of that. off the rabbit food but still eating healthy. gained back 5 pounds but im not complaining. it could always be worse. my face isnt as chubby as it use to be and i dont look prego anymore!
(though sometimes i like to stick out my belly just to mess with jon!)
i picked up the rabbit food bit again back in september knowing that i needed to change up the foods more. new place, new eating habits. yeah.... that didnt last long. no weight loss with that stint either.
(oh yeah! btw, we moved out on our own! more on that later!)
through this whole time since may though, i have been working out, sorta, lol.
did alot of working out during the "spark" bit. less during the "pack n' move" period. once we were some what settled jon and i started lifting weights and sit ups and such. it was fine but we would only do it if the other felt like doing it. so that slowly ended as well.
now here is where things pick up. :)
my mom invited me to go to zumba class with her. ive been to other zumba classes before and thought they were alright.
for those of you who dont know what zumba is, it is one of the largest dance fitness program in the world, based on latin-inspired dance. zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and belly dance moves.
well when she described it to me, i laughed. she said it was different from the other class we went to and mentioned something about country dancing and soul train................ o.O
that was all i needed to hear to know i was not interested.
some how though, with the use of her magical mommy super powers(cheater!), she got me out to a class.
then another....... and another....... another............ you get the point.
IM HOOKED ON ZUMBA!!!!!! it is so much fun. so much better than what she made it out to be!
(note so self: never have my mom explain/describe anything. she will make it sound very lame.)
the moves are so much fun. and now whenever i hear one of the songs on the radio, i do the dance!

"I've got the moves like Jagger"

so that is the story of where i am on this topic. im about ready to throw the scale out the window. the numbers havent changed since i started doing zumba but the way i look sure has! its not the number that matters but how you feel and right now im feeling pretty damn good! 

hello skinny waist and toned body, its been a while. please make yourself at home and dont be afraid to show off once in a while. ;)

buh-bye fat. you wont be missed.

school dayz

so i went back to school for the millionth time.
what did i learn this time around?

take a summer class again........
twas the worst experience ever. i've never worked so hard for a grade that still fail.
*shiver* i still get frustrated just thinking about......

on our own again

as awesome as it was for jons family to let us move in to save money and go to school, it was time for us to be on our own again. so back in september(?) we got our own apt.
now to brag a bit:
  • pet friendly
  • pre-painted walls
  • stained concrete floors
  • pool
  • my own art room
  • 3 closets (4 if you count the one in the hall)
and its all eco-friendly!

down side is we are surounded by all the fraternities so even though you are supose to have a ptb sticker on your vehicle to park there, the frat people park there any way. AANNDD even though ptbdont. next time i dont have a place to park, im gonna block the first car i see with out a sticker so they cant get out.

other than that i love just just being with jon in our own place! <3
too bad come febuary 7th......


yup! its finally happening. signed his contract this passed week! it feels like life is finally moving foward, no more stand still! dont ask me what his job title is though, lol, i can never remember it. its still all so new right now. boot camp will be in san antonio, then after that idk. i will miss jon while hes away but the thought of what hes doing makes me proud and excited. i cant wait to see what the future holds for us!

well thats about it. dont know when ill get to posting again whether it be a few days or a few months. who knows? jon saids i should just give up but im stuborn! tee hee!

"When I walk in the spot, this is what I see Everybody stops and they staring at me I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it.
I'm sexy and I know it"

<3 aim.

May 15, 2011

never again

     well to start off, this passed week i was asked 3 different times when my baby was due.

     let me just give you a lil recap of my weight issues. in elementary school i knew i was different than the other girls. i was the tall girl in class; always standing in the back row with the boys on class picture day. my friends were the little girls that were in the front row. being taller than them also meant i was bigger than them weight wise too. the girls would brag about how they weighed 15 pounds less than me...... i had great friends. i don't really remember any complaints i had about my weight in middle school..... i was too busy learning NSYNC dance moves and pretending i was married to Justin timberlake. 9th-11th grade i remember i weighed 130 pounds. at the time i thought i was fat but never really did anything about it. i didn't have a very good self esteem and didn't talk much. people would call me the quiet chick.  junior year i tried out to be a strutter's. (drill team) i made the team and thus started a routine of waking up at 5 am, working out/dancing 24/7, and eating right. i was in great shape my senior year. yeah i had gain 10 pounds, putting me at 140, but i was all muscle. i looked and felt pretty. this one time at the beginning of the year, we were doing some class assignment there the teacher would ask a question, the student would answer and then the student would pick another student. this guy pointed and said "her". not helpful since he was point to a cluster of girls. "the HOT CHICK with the curly hair." I'm sure my face was bright red since i was the only one there with curly hair. nobodies ever said that about me before. that whole year was great. i was getting attention that i had never gotten before....and i liked it! lol! i graduated high school in 2005. finally! no more school! that whole summer all i did (besides work) was hang out with friend and lounge around at the house. now i am very lazy at heart so i stopped working out. during the day id spend hours on the computer and forget to eat. its not like i did it on purpose, i just wasn't hungry and when i realized i was hungry i would eat something. i lost 20 pounds  that summer by just sitting around doing nothing. i weighed 120 pounds! i started dating, my now husband, Jon that summer. (after he saw me in a bikini, lol) i thought i looked great but my family was concerned that i might have an eating disorder and would always urge me to eat. they said i looked better before. to prove to them that i don't have an eating disorder, i ate more. i still wasn't working out and was eating a lot more. in 2008, when Jon and i got married :), i weighed 150 pounds. for a year we lived in okc. living on our own and with a guy who eats all the time, i didn't make good food choices. i gained 30 pounds in about 6 months. since then Ive been struggling with my weight yo-yoing between 170-80 pounds.

     for mothers day i bought my lovely mommy in law this wonderful book on baking different cakes. on Wednesday she made one of the carrot cakes from it. it was so beautiful you could probably gain weight just by looking at it.i had a small piece. it was delicious! the next morning i walked by the cake and paused. i probably stared at that cake for like 10 minutes. i sliced me a big piece then took it to the bath room. i sat in there for another 10 minutes just staring at the cake. i slowly started to eat it till it was gone. i knew it was bad for me and i shouldn't be eating it. i cried.

     that was the worst feeling I've ever felt. i never want to feel like that again! i never want to feel guilty or ashamed of myself again! i refuse.

     i decided i needed to change. Friday morning when i woke up, i felt like a whole new person. the alarm went off at 7 am. just for the record, i purposely set my alarm clock 2 hours early just so i can lie in bed and press the snooze button. (Jon hates it, lol) i did not press the snooze button this time. i got up, got dressed and went to the grocery store. i bought bananas, carrots, tomatoes, grapes, blueberries, nuts, yogurt, pineapple, rice cakes, vitamins, special k, salad, protein bars, etc.... when i got home, after being scolded by the hubby for spending money ;) heehee, i measured out servings of each thing and put them into separate baggies. i then started to dance. i haven't danced in SO long. i used to love it, once upon a time it was an every day thing in my life. oh how i missed it. i cranked up the music and just let go of everything. i probably looked like an idiot (i am a lil rusty) but i didn't care, it felt good. 
     after work that night i discover a web site called spark people. (

its a free site where you can track your weight, nutrition, fitness, and goals. its a community, a support group, and full of health information and motivation. I've only been using the site a few days but its really helping me, especially the food tracker! I've joined various groups on the site and have also made a page for myself. there are a lot of other neat feature on this site i cant even name them all! lol i feel like an advertisement but i really do like this site! :)

     so every morning i take a vitamin, eat 2 bananas, a boiled egg, and a Luna protein bar before my work out. during the day i eat 3 baggies of pre measured food that last me the whole day. one with fruit, one with veggies, and one with dry food like nuts or mini rice cakes. i also have a water bottle that holds about 4 glasses of water. i try to drink about 3 of them a day. (ha ha i have to pee like all the time) for lunch or dinner, depending on where I'm at on my nutrition tacker, ill do a small salad or chicken or cereal. then i might do another work out. ironically my diet has me constantly eating, lol, but its working. i feel great and have lots of energy versus when i would eat maybe only 2 meals a day and slept all the time.
     my work outs vary depending on the amount of time i have and my location. mornings are usually work out videos like gilad or (don't laugh) hip hop abs. if i open at work ill either go to the gym after or if its nice outside ill go for a run. if i close that night ill go to the gym (if its still open) or do another work out video. i will even try to sneak in work outs while I'm at work! walking a lil faster, calf raises, squats while picking things up, wearing heels, lol! on days i have off my choices are endless! I'm really looking forward to when the pool is clean so i can go swimming!!!!
     I've also set up little life changing goals like hooping for 10 minutes a day, no sodas, getting 8 hours of sleep, don't press the snooze button, stretch, save 5$ a day, don't bite my nails, work on some sort of fashion related project, update the blog, clean more, etc...... just things i should be doing that I'm not and little bad habits of mine to work on. :)

ok well thats enough of that, in other news......

in case you havent heard already, I GOT A NEW KITTY!
     his name is CUPID. if you have heard other wise, they are wrong. :) Jon found him at work one night on one of their plant trucks. he said he saw something moving and thought it was a rat. when he got closer he realized it was 2 kittens! we think the mama cat was moving her babys from one spot to the other and they got packed up and sent to home depot. poor mama cat is probably missing her babies.....:( someone else adopted the bigger kitty and we got the lil one. i name him cupid cause he has markings on his back that looks like an arrow. he was 2 weeks when he was found and too little to be away from his mommy so we had to feed and poop him. did you know baby kittens can not "evacuate" on their own? they need to be stimulated.... pretty gross, huh? at first we had to feed him with an eye dropper because he was so small. then he graduated to a kitten bottle. (yes they have special bottles) at first Jon didn't want to keep it and we were just gonna give it away when he was big enough. hahahaha, he should have known that wasn't gonna happen. i did try not to get attached but his cuteness is so overwhelming i couldn't resist! Jon still "claims" he doesnt want him but as you can tell from the picture above, he is lying. ;) oh and i think in past lives cupid was a pirate's parrot and before that a monkey. maybe a rock climber and a rabbit too. he loves to sit on my shoulder even when I'm walking around, he plays like a monkey minus the poo flinging, he climbs anything and everything, and when he runs he does the bunny hop!

     other things you may not have heard, Jon is joining the airforce.
     now this is kind old news but i hadnt posted it on here yet. he got a perfect score on his asvab, did that meps thing and got sworn in. he'll gladly show you his card thingy if you ask him, lol. right now all we are doing is waiting for a job offer. he had gotten offered his number one choice job before but there was a problem with the contract and his color vision test. he had failed it at first and then there was a long period of waiting to retake the vision test. now that thats all fixed and done with we are just waiting for another job to come up. then he will leave me to go to basic for 2 months and then after that tech for 2-6 months depending on his job. then i think after that we get our station. I'm really excited for that part! i for one hope we get to go over seas. i think that would be really neat! I'm just not looking foward to the first part when he'll be gone. :( i'll be soooo bored without my best friend. he really wants this though so i will be supportive any way i can. i an very proud of you Jon! <3

     and now the latest bit of news..... i will be going back to school!
     i will be going part time at dillards so i can take summer classes at nctc. wooooo!!!!!!! I'm actually really excited. i can honestly feel myself getting dumber the longer I'm out of school, lol. i really just want to get my degree, a degree, any degree, lol. ok maybe not ANY but atleast one that would help me in the future like business. i'll probably only take 1 class at first (baby steps) just to get myself re-adjusted to it and then add more later. but yeah....yay school!

     well thats just about it for whats new in my life. Jon is getting cranky cause I'm not spending time with him but this blog post is really important to me, especially the first part. he is very suportive though and i love and apreciate it.

     well until next time guess, lol, i never really know how to end these things...... i just keep talkin and talkin......
     i can say i will be posting more often though so maybe if i talk more i will be able to shut up, lol!

                                                                                                  lots of love aim

February 27, 2011

long time, no update

its been a while since ive last updated and i am determined to not let this blog fail like my other crazy projects. not like anything big has happened lately that i think is worthy of a blog post but i just feel like doing one.

(yup! the quiet chick is refusing to be quiet!)

well i guess the house flood is kind big but also kinda old news to me.
good new-the whole house is getting new carpet! nothing better than squishing your toes into fresh, untouched carpet.
ahhhhhhh..........feels so good..............

bad news-i have a lot of stuff. we gotta move everything to get the carpet out and in. uhhhggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ive started a diet and im doing pretty well at it! its called the "get off your lazy ass" diet. sounds super hard, right? what ive been doing is on days i work in the morning, i go to the gym. on days i work in the evenings, i take harley(the goofy yet lovable dog) for a 3 mile jog at the park. on the off days i hula hoop. thats it! oh and dont eat or drink any crap....... it also helps to read Skinny Bitch.

my old manager from my oklahoma days introduced me to this lovely book. its very straight forward, and brutally blunt. imagine a book yelling at you.....thats what it does.
a word a warning-you may find yourself thinking about becoming vegetarian if you visit the sources in the back of the book.

HULA HOOPS!!!!!!!!

i finally made some! its a whole lot of fun and a surprisingly intense workout. no im not crazy. my inspiration-SaFire. watch some of her videos!!! she is so awesome and ive already learned a few tricks! once i get better ill make some videos of me. jon still thinks this is gonna be one of my (many) short lived hobbies but ill prove him wrong! i got 3 hoops already and new tape and connectors to make mini hoops!

so here is an update on my goal list!
  1. start a blog
  2. work on drawing
  3. lose weight (will cross off when goal is met)
  4. make jewelry
  5. make hair accessories
  6. get out of debt
  7. buy a new camara
  8. work on photography
  9. buy a new computer
  10. learn photoshop
  11. learn to sew
  12. make clothes
  13. make a hula hoop
  14. learn tricks on hula hoop
  15. learn to paint
  16. travel
  17. learn to cook
  18. practice crochet
  19. go to school
  20. start a business
  21. get a tattoo
  22. make a sculpture
yay! got to cross off 2 more things! i have lost weight too but i want to wait till i reach my goal!

well thats all for now. if i dont get to cleaning then jon wont let me make and play with my mini hoops! :(

February 11, 2011

day 2

well the bedroom is about halfway evacuated but the bath tub is still full of clothes and shoes......
i called my job and told them the situation and to see if i could come in later to close. they were pretty understanding (i think). actually i dont think they really cared as long as someone is there to close. meh.

another positive: since the front yard flooded too, it froze over and you can ice skate on the grass!!! its smooth too!

jon was able to get off early so he sucking up all the water for me. :) i love him!

oh and i have piles of clothes that im getting rid of so if your interested call/txt/msg me!

back to work, just thought id update!

p.s. i wish i had a camera to take pictures of this mess; its quite ridiculous!

February 10, 2011


so the paint from the walls in the closet decided to flake off and melt onto my shoes.......

ive tried to stay clam and keep positive about this but i dont think i can do it any more.



its always nice to come home to a broken pipe and a flooded house...................NOT!!!!!

for a blog that has such an optimistic-like title, i sure have alot of negative things to post; facebook rants, my lack of productivity, FLOODS!!!


the pipe busted on MY side of the closet, soaking the majority of my clothes, shoes, and purses. the flood then decided that that wasnt enough so it soaked the entire room, the bathroom, the hallway, a corner of the living room, and the entry of mikes room. nobody has been home since about 9 this morning so we dont know when it started.


through all this mess though, there have been some good things. i found my favorite head band that tinker (my cat) stole from me. i can use this time to go through stuff and get rid of things i dont use or need. oh and discovered that 2 of my purses can hold about a gallon of water each. (not sure when that would come in handy but in a way i thought it was kinda neat.)

well its a short post but i gotta get back to cleaning. hopefully more good things will come tonight. :)
oh! i have a reason to wear my rain boot now!!! <(^.^)> YaY!


February 8, 2011

What You Waiting For?

TIME TO GET OFF MY LAZY ASS! i feel like a fake. facebook has gotten quite depressing for me. i surf around and see people i know going places, starting businesses, cooking, creating art, or even beautiful fashion.

tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock
(go back 10-15 years and you'll remember i even banned some people from doing these things because they sucked at it!)

tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

here i am now..... always talking about how "i can make that", "i'll sew that for you", "I CAN DO THAT BETTER ". key word - talking. have i done any of these things for you? no. i cant remember the last time i drew/designed anything. my sewing skills are horrible; i cant even sew a straight line. why should you believe me when there is no proof that i can do any of the things i say i can.

take a chance you stupid hoe.

i'm gonna change that. here is a list of goals ive created. i will update yall on my progress. i will get things done.

  1. start a blog
  2. work on drawing
  3. lose weight
  4. make jewelry
  5. make hair accessories
  6. get out of debt
  7. buy a new camara
  8. work on photography
  9. buy a new computer
  10. learn photoshop
  11. learn to sew
  12. make clothes
  13. make a hula hoop
  14. learn tricks on hula hoop
  15. learn to paint
  16. travel
  17. learn to cook
  18. practice crochet
  19. go to school
  20. start a business
  21. get a tattoo
  22. make a sculpture
ok, so some of these may seem a little random and wacky but its what im feeling right now :) they are also not in any particular order either, lol. (jon was a little upset that 'get out of debt' was number 6.) if you want to help out or even collaborate let me know! im always open to new ideas! ^.^
thats about it i guess. my 2011 goals. i will re-update the list as things get done. 

HEY!!! i got to cross one out already!!! YaY!
till next time, Aim

February 5, 2011

the boredom blog

so ive had this blog for quite some time now-but this is my first post. ive planned out many times the things i would say, write down the ideas i had, took pics, etc.... but nothing ever stuck. being a procrastinator, i just never got around to typing anything.

well now, i think ive come up with a good reason to start!

get ready...........

wait for it....


haha no. but really, things are gonna be changing soon and i need a way to let ppl know what im up to and how im doing. yeah sure, i could tell you how i am on facebook, but i wanted something a little more personal. facebook for me is like for mass messages for anybody. "going out to fry", "chilling with the hubby", "work-come visit me!".  short quick messages for no one in particular. you take a quick glance at it. interested? you txt me "what time?" not? you move on to the next 3-5 work post. And honestly, the "friends" list is a joke. you add ppl you work with, went to school with, met at a party, but how often do you really talk to that person? even more, when was the last time you got together, watched a movie, had a drink, done ANYTHING with that person?! we are ALL guilty of this, dont deny. we cant help it though, we are all nosy ppl; curious to see how well or poor the other is doing.
but im getting off topic....personal, right. *breathe*

i think what the mini rant is trying to say is that if you really wanna know whats going on in my life or just more about me, you will make the extra clicks and see me here.

hrm... so i guess for now i'll give a lil preview of whats to come:
  • updates on jon and i and our new adventures
  • pictures-on location, the family, whatever tickles my fancy
  • plans for the future-school, home, money, cars, kids????
  • arts & craft-the starving artist trying to make a living
  • fashion (you know it wouldn't be an Aim blog without it ;D)
  • favorites-sharing my wacky taste with the world.
  • and more.....

ok so not much more to say i guess.
to the ppl that care enough to read this-i love ya'll!
to the ppl who think im a goober-i am what i am.
to the ppl who read this and think "uhhggg...i just wasted 3 minutes of my life!"-i didnt make you read it.... :P
and to the ppl who pass this up....... you can sd,fmsdkfdkjfewknf3i3urhfdiufhdsifhwkdnvcsdvoiekrjnjfurpoop.


edit: re-reading this, i dont think i made any sence at all.....*shrug*......oh well.