November 26, 2012

all i want for chrismas is...

sooo i made a xmas list in case anyone needed ideas....
though this would make things easier since we live in the middle of nowhere. gotta go at least 30 minutes to the nearest walmart or target and they arent the best either, sometimes a waste of a trip.  so basicly all i want is cool accessories for the house or cool clothes for work. jon is really into this show called doomsday preppers so he likes survival gear, camping stuff, fancy knives. and of coarse movies. if you do get movies then message me first so i can check if we own then, lol....
extra cool clothes for work!!!! (cyber monday!)
evil cheerleader black dress size L
artoo and threepio leggings size L
threepio swimsuit size L
butterfly black top size OSFA
beetlejuice leggings size L
day of the dead leggings size L
police box leggings size L
i made a wish list! probably your best choice for gifts, has lots of stuff for the house and decorating that i like!!! jon likes stuff from here as well!
yeah weird name but awesome clothes
i made a wish list too!
there are tons of craft and illustration books i want from here!
there is a desk i want from here!
i have a wish list with sailor moon stuff and collectable tim dumm barbies!!! jon has an amazon wish list as well you can search.
this is my fave jewelry!!!! making a wish list would be pointless because i love everything!!!!
i like the stuff the have under the "apartment" catagory! :) jon likes this stuff too!
our xbox is dying and we are gonna need a new one eventually. preferably the collecatable starwars one :)
so these items or giftcards from these places would be awesome! money is great too! <3
pretty random post, i know, but oh well.
<3 Aim

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