July 25, 2012

Moving and the love/hate relationship

August 21 is our official moving date we've set. We have less than a month to go. In a way though we are moving twice! The apt lease is done on August 3 so we are moving everything into storage and then living at the speer's till Jersey time.

I'm suppose to be packing up at the moment but I am burned out right now... Packing is always fun in the beginning, at least for me. I'm usually horrible at packing so I usually end up throwing random stuff into boxes, then I will label the box as random stuff. Then once on location, after the important stuff is unpacked, the random boxes get put into a closet "to be done later" which is code for "forgotten". So then when its time to start packing again, I start going through the random boxes. The feeling I get......its like Christmas morning discovering all this stuff that you haven't seen in a few years!
This time around I put a bit more thought into things and put the stuff from the random boxes where they belonged and really clean house. I think I got rid of about 20 boxes of stuff, either to family, friends, or donations. It felt good and unpacking will be so much easier. Unfortunately next time we move I won't haveany mystery boxes to go through :( I may have destroyed the thing I love about packing....

My cat Tinker is refusing to let me blog in bed right now.... He keeps nudging me with his head "love me, pay attention to me." Such a spoiled little brat....

I've never been to new Jersey before or even anywhere close. It will be a new adventure for both of us. get to meet new people, make more friends, explore the area. I'm really excited about that! New York here i come! We are already planning to see the Macys Thanksgiving day parade live!
Down side is everyone else well be here in TX, or where ever you are located AZ, ok, etc....whatever y'all won't be up north. :( which means I expect lots of visits from all of you! I don't wanna hear y'all complaining that its too expensive because out of the kindness of my heart I'm gonna let y'all stay for free. That's one less thing y'all have to pay for. Your welcome. You may have to sleep on a blow up mattress though.... They won't give in and let me have 3 pets on base so I have to find a place that does. I refuse to give up any of my pets, they are our practice kids and you wouldn't give up one of your kids if there was a kid limit would you?

Even if they are little spoiled brats....

Better get back to packing now.....

July 15, 2012

Another over due post

Hello hello! Another long time-no post.

To catch you up to speed:

Jon is away at tech school.
I am incredible bored without him.
I quit my job at Dillards to go to school. Did great on one class, dropped the other :/
Still doing zumba, it's super fun :3
Jon is coming home on August 2ND.
Our anniversary is August 2ND. :D
We will be moving to NewJersey some time in August. I'm super excited about it :) official date tbd.
Thought my apt least was up in September, nope, it's August.
We will be living at the speer's temporarily in August till it's time to go to Jersey.
On base housing has a 2 pet limit...
Apartment hunting sucks when your in another state.....
Packing is a pain in the butt!
I have way to much junk.......
Hastings is closing down!!! YAY CHEAP MOVIES AND MANGA!!!!

That's just about it for now. Once I'm in Jersey I'm going to attempt to use this to keep ppl updated on our new life in Jersey. :)

As of right now this second, I am watching Archer and cuddling with my baby Axel. <3

I see a Hastings trip in my future :3