September 26, 2012

you aint been missing much

sorrrrrry!!!!!!!!!!! i know, im a horrible blogger! why do i even try?

well, at the moment i try because i still have HORRIBLE reception at our house so its hard to communicate with anyone! still haven't gotten internet yet so i bum off where ever i can on base. at the moment im in the library. i went to this spouse orientation thing like 2 weeks ago and the guy was insisting that everyone should go visit the library. supposedly its pretty low in popularity and they may cut the program.... idk if he was talking about a different base library or just making it up cause every time i come here i usually grab the last parking spot. maybe if they had more parking more ppl would come.

so yeah, base life is good. met the neighbors who are pretty cool. got a nerdy cool vibe about them i like. we went to this german was interesting, lol. it was very...... eccentric? not sure if thats the word i want but oh well.... there were porcelain dolls everywhere, just staring you down as you try to figure out what is what on the menu. and the waitresses were all dresses up like german ppl! or maybe they were swedish ppl? maybe it was a swedish restaurant? meh tomato tomato they're still foreign. we had to ask the waitress what every single thing on the menu was. pretty sure she was tire of us after 30 minutes of "what is this again?". idk.... my food was pretty simple so i would have noticed it there was spit.

speaking of food, i've been attempting to be a little house wife that cooks.................. no nothing has caught fire yet. :P before leaving the apt on eagle, gma would come over and help me clean and pack. eventually those cleaning days turned into cooking lessons. i can make sweet and sour ANYTHING now! so now i've been sorting though recipes i found in magazines and fixing them up. haven't done anything too crazy yet. i made a cake! lol, alot of the stuff i want to make i don't have the tools or ingredients yet so ill have to wait till we have more money.

i am currently on the hunt for a job. we still have not been reimbursed for the move so we are poor. we didn't know it would take this long so we got most of our furniture. oh and we found out we need a new dryer, tire, another car etc... yeah we can afford these things over time but i would rather have them now! each weekend ive been hitting up different malls and filling apps. ive done a few interviews and have a few lined up. im also going to a job fair at cherry hill so we'll see what happens. i really need to work on a resume... maybe after this blog :) i was reading some article about military spouse jobs, how it makes things harder, and what the best jobs were. their top choices were medical, childcare, photography, and fitness. lol now we can just forget about the medical and i dont know enough ppl with kids for child care. im looking for something in retail but since all im finding is part time i could maybe do some free photo shoots for people to create a portfolio or something. i really like the fitness idea! im really missing my zumba and hooping classes back in denton! but i would want to get in better shape first. there is zumba on base but its only 3 times a week. :/ but hey, its a possible opportunity if i can get my ass in shape!

jon is doing good. mainly all he gets to do right now is fill out paperwork and get things signed off. its a long boring process. im actually probably supose to be on my way to pick him and mathews up right now, lol. mathews is his friend from tech school. short loud guy whos addicted to tattoos, hes pretty cool. jon once described the two of them as shrek and donkey......i totally see it.

we got our babies!!!!!! tinker, axle , and cupid are finally home! i really missed them! its funny cause every time i saw a cat, i wanted to play with it. they never wanted to play with me though....which is good cause if i had gotten a hold of it then we would of had to take it home, lol. anyways, the pets are adjusting to their new home well. axle of coarse is being a slight trouble maker as he usually is in a new place so he gets put in the bathroom alot when we are not home. he is not use to the backyard yet so he whines every time i put him out alone but the neighbors have dogs so he'll eventually get over it.

um well thats all the updates i have for ya. again its not much really. i will try to keep updating when things happen. as of now the plan is to get internet on the first so hopefully regular posts are to come!

<3 Aim

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