November 22, 2011

wowzers! super long time, no update!

how dare i even think to call me a blogger..... its been since may!
well i guess its not my fault though.... with no internet and all....
(why do i make excuses? ive had plenty of access. IM JUST LAZY!)
now where to start..... *tabs over to previous post*

body issues

so, where we last left off in may i had a pretty dramatic and life changing experience with a piece of cake!
(sounds a little goofy when i put it that way.... lol.)
good news is ive sorta kinda made a little progress in bettering my self image. :) YaY!
i guess if there has to be bad news (which is not necessary but ill add it anyways to balance things out)
it is the fact that the progress is only "sorta kinda".
i used the spark people website for about a month, (i thought THAT was a big acheivement)
got bored with it, the end.
packing my food up worked extremely well! i went from.........
drum roll please.........
186 to 169 pounds!
problem with pre-made meals is that they are so easy to leave on counters where curious kitties can munch on.

SPEAKING OF CURIOUS KITTIES..... cupid is so huge!!!!! if i ever get a chance i will do posts on cupid, tinker, and axle. they are like my children! :)

back to what i was saying, as super healthy as my snacks were, they we also super boring!!!! i was so bored with them that when i discovered that cupid got into ALL MY PRE-PACKED MEALS AND NIBBLED ON EVERYTHING, i didnt even care, lol, im pretty sure i ordered a pizza after that.
so that was the end of that. off the rabbit food but still eating healthy. gained back 5 pounds but im not complaining. it could always be worse. my face isnt as chubby as it use to be and i dont look prego anymore!
(though sometimes i like to stick out my belly just to mess with jon!)
i picked up the rabbit food bit again back in september knowing that i needed to change up the foods more. new place, new eating habits. yeah.... that didnt last long. no weight loss with that stint either.
(oh yeah! btw, we moved out on our own! more on that later!)
through this whole time since may though, i have been working out, sorta, lol.
did alot of working out during the "spark" bit. less during the "pack n' move" period. once we were some what settled jon and i started lifting weights and sit ups and such. it was fine but we would only do it if the other felt like doing it. so that slowly ended as well.
now here is where things pick up. :)
my mom invited me to go to zumba class with her. ive been to other zumba classes before and thought they were alright.
for those of you who dont know what zumba is, it is one of the largest dance fitness program in the world, based on latin-inspired dance. zumba's choreography incorporates hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, martial arts, and belly dance moves.
well when she described it to me, i laughed. she said it was different from the other class we went to and mentioned something about country dancing and soul train................ o.O
that was all i needed to hear to know i was not interested.
some how though, with the use of her magical mommy super powers(cheater!), she got me out to a class.
then another....... and another....... another............ you get the point.
IM HOOKED ON ZUMBA!!!!!! it is so much fun. so much better than what she made it out to be!
(note so self: never have my mom explain/describe anything. she will make it sound very lame.)
the moves are so much fun. and now whenever i hear one of the songs on the radio, i do the dance!

"I've got the moves like Jagger"

so that is the story of where i am on this topic. im about ready to throw the scale out the window. the numbers havent changed since i started doing zumba but the way i look sure has! its not the number that matters but how you feel and right now im feeling pretty damn good! 

hello skinny waist and toned body, its been a while. please make yourself at home and dont be afraid to show off once in a while. ;)

buh-bye fat. you wont be missed.

school dayz

so i went back to school for the millionth time.
what did i learn this time around?

take a summer class again........
twas the worst experience ever. i've never worked so hard for a grade that still fail.
*shiver* i still get frustrated just thinking about......

on our own again

as awesome as it was for jons family to let us move in to save money and go to school, it was time for us to be on our own again. so back in september(?) we got our own apt.
now to brag a bit:
  • pet friendly
  • pre-painted walls
  • stained concrete floors
  • pool
  • my own art room
  • 3 closets (4 if you count the one in the hall)
and its all eco-friendly!

down side is we are surounded by all the fraternities so even though you are supose to have a ptb sticker on your vehicle to park there, the frat people park there any way. AANNDD even though ptbdont. next time i dont have a place to park, im gonna block the first car i see with out a sticker so they cant get out.

other than that i love just just being with jon in our own place! <3
too bad come febuary 7th......


yup! its finally happening. signed his contract this passed week! it feels like life is finally moving foward, no more stand still! dont ask me what his job title is though, lol, i can never remember it. its still all so new right now. boot camp will be in san antonio, then after that idk. i will miss jon while hes away but the thought of what hes doing makes me proud and excited. i cant wait to see what the future holds for us!

well thats about it. dont know when ill get to posting again whether it be a few days or a few months. who knows? jon saids i should just give up but im stuborn! tee hee!

"When I walk in the spot, this is what I see Everybody stops and they staring at me I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to show it.
I'm sexy and I know it"

<3 aim.

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