February 5, 2011

the boredom blog

so ive had this blog for quite some time now-but this is my first post. ive planned out many times the things i would say, write down the ideas i had, took pics, etc.... but nothing ever stuck. being a procrastinator, i just never got around to typing anything.

well now, i think ive come up with a good reason to start!

get ready...........

wait for it....


haha no. but really, things are gonna be changing soon and i need a way to let ppl know what im up to and how im doing. yeah sure, i could tell you how i am on facebook, but i wanted something a little more personal. facebook for me is like for mass messages for anybody. "going out to fry", "chilling with the hubby", "work-come visit me!".  short quick messages for no one in particular. you take a quick glance at it. interested? you txt me "what time?" not? you move on to the next 3-5 work post. And honestly, the "friends" list is a joke. you add ppl you work with, went to school with, met at a party, but how often do you really talk to that person? even more, when was the last time you got together, watched a movie, had a drink, done ANYTHING with that person?! we are ALL guilty of this, dont deny. we cant help it though, we are all nosy ppl; curious to see how well or poor the other is doing.
but im getting off topic....personal, right. *breathe*

i think what the mini rant is trying to say is that if you really wanna know whats going on in my life or just more about me, you will make the extra clicks and see me here.

hrm... so i guess for now i'll give a lil preview of whats to come:
  • updates on jon and i and our new adventures
  • pictures-on location, the family, whatever tickles my fancy
  • plans for the future-school, home, money, cars, kids????
  • arts & craft-the starving artist trying to make a living
  • fashion (you know it wouldn't be an Aim blog without it ;D)
  • favorites-sharing my wacky taste with the world.
  • and more.....

ok so not much more to say i guess.
to the ppl that care enough to read this-i love ya'll!
to the ppl who think im a goober-i am what i am.
to the ppl who read this and think "uhhggg...i just wasted 3 minutes of my life!"-i didnt make you read it.... :P
and to the ppl who pass this up....... you can sd,fmsdkfdkjfewknf3i3urhfdiufhdsifhwkdnvcsdvoiekrjnjfurpoop.


edit: re-reading this, i dont think i made any sence at all.....*shrug*......oh well.

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