February 10, 2011


its always nice to come home to a broken pipe and a flooded house...................NOT!!!!!

for a blog that has such an optimistic-like title, i sure have alot of negative things to post; facebook rants, my lack of productivity, FLOODS!!!


the pipe busted on MY side of the closet, soaking the majority of my clothes, shoes, and purses. the flood then decided that that wasnt enough so it soaked the entire room, the bathroom, the hallway, a corner of the living room, and the entry of mikes room. nobody has been home since about 9 this morning so we dont know when it started.


through all this mess though, there have been some good things. i found my favorite head band that tinker (my cat) stole from me. i can use this time to go through stuff and get rid of things i dont use or need. oh and discovered that 2 of my purses can hold about a gallon of water each. (not sure when that would come in handy but in a way i thought it was kinda neat.)

well its a short post but i gotta get back to cleaning. hopefully more good things will come tonight. :)
oh! i have a reason to wear my rain boot now!!! <(^.^)> YaY!


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