February 27, 2011

long time, no update

its been a while since ive last updated and i am determined to not let this blog fail like my other crazy projects. not like anything big has happened lately that i think is worthy of a blog post but i just feel like doing one.

(yup! the quiet chick is refusing to be quiet!)

well i guess the house flood is kind big but also kinda old news to me.
good new-the whole house is getting new carpet! nothing better than squishing your toes into fresh, untouched carpet.
ahhhhhhh..........feels so good..............

bad news-i have a lot of stuff. we gotta move everything to get the carpet out and in. uhhhggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ive started a diet and im doing pretty well at it! its called the "get off your lazy ass" diet. sounds super hard, right? what ive been doing is on days i work in the morning, i go to the gym. on days i work in the evenings, i take harley(the goofy yet lovable dog) for a 3 mile jog at the park. on the off days i hula hoop. thats it! oh and dont eat or drink any crap....... it also helps to read Skinny Bitch.

my old manager from my oklahoma days introduced me to this lovely book. its very straight forward, and brutally blunt. imagine a book yelling at you.....thats what it does.
a word a warning-you may find yourself thinking about becoming vegetarian if you visit the sources in the back of the book.

HULA HOOPS!!!!!!!!

i finally made some! its a whole lot of fun and a surprisingly intense workout. no im not crazy. my inspiration-SaFire. watch some of her videos!!! she is so awesome and ive already learned a few tricks! once i get better ill make some videos of me. jon still thinks this is gonna be one of my (many) short lived hobbies but ill prove him wrong! i got 3 hoops already and new tape and connectors to make mini hoops!

so here is an update on my goal list!
  1. start a blog
  2. work on drawing
  3. lose weight (will cross off when goal is met)
  4. make jewelry
  5. make hair accessories
  6. get out of debt
  7. buy a new camara
  8. work on photography
  9. buy a new computer
  10. learn photoshop
  11. learn to sew
  12. make clothes
  13. make a hula hoop
  14. learn tricks on hula hoop
  15. learn to paint
  16. travel
  17. learn to cook
  18. practice crochet
  19. go to school
  20. start a business
  21. get a tattoo
  22. make a sculpture
yay! got to cross off 2 more things! i have lost weight too but i want to wait till i reach my goal!

well thats all for now. if i dont get to cleaning then jon wont let me make and play with my mini hoops! :(


  1. Love this!



  2. haha you're funny! good luck with everything! kiss x

    Haute and Fierce

  3. I love your to-do list, and I am so sorry to hear about the flood affecting your house. :(

    The Cat Hag

  4. Good for you Mimi! I like your long term list. I always have to make short term ones. I am lost without my lists!!